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In a Galaxy Called Middle Earth...

Attack of the Sues

Middle Earth
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This community is made by dicelees (aka Nicole) and irisconlon (aka Vanessa). This fanfic was made to make fun of Mary-Sues and generally badly written fanfiction. Every word was intentionally chosen to best reach this end. Also, it's written to parody our favourite fandoms! If you think it could be more 'sue-ish' then please tell us. Other than that, have fun and live a little!

Feel free to friend/join the community.

Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Newsies, and all other films and their characters are owned by their companies. We've borrowed them for our insanity. Mr. Wisdicki, Mr. Christie other teachers and random people inserted are figments of our own imagination. Nicole, Vanessa, Ashley and Chantal own themselves (or at least claim they do). We apologise to Ashley and Chantal for dragging them into this highly excentric Mary-Sue, however do not for making them do so many amuzing things.