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irisconlon [userpic]
FotS: Chapter Two and Icons
by irisconlon (irisconlon)
at May 5th, 2006 (10:32 am)

Chapter Two:

"Arg!" Vanessa and Nicole screamed and then started running circles around the flying machine.

The two hot actor guys looked at each other and thought in unison that it would be fun to run too. So they chased the girls around the flying machine until a big band of orcs came flying by. Suddenly Vanessa, who had started the group frolic, stopped dead in her tracks. Followed by Nicole, who rammed into her so hard they almost toppled over.

"Those guys are ug-er-ly!"

"Hell yeah!" Vanessa said, confirming Nicole's statement. The orc, that was in front of them then started to draw out his sword. Nicole looked at Vanessa, and vice versa. Then the two started screaming and running the other way. When they came around the flying machine, they bumped into the two hot actors. When the girls recovered from their collision, they noticed they were facing about half of the orc band. The two actor guys quickly pulled out their lightsabers and started decapitating anything that looked ugly.

Vanessa had an idea!

"Nicoooole!" she shouted dragging out the last syllable of her friend’s name while looking around frantically for the other girl. When she spotted her, Nicole was trying to run away from some more orcs that had come out tap dancing from behind some trees.

"Ahhhh!" Nicole cried for help, hoping one of the hot actor guys would come to her rescue, so she could practice her swooning, but instead it was her short, brown haired friend who came up behind the orc and shoved her right shoe, affectionately dubbed Elijah Wood, up his ass! The orc screamed in pain and fell to the floor holding his back end.

"Thanks," Nicole said sarcastically.

"What did I do now?" Vanessa asked trying to wipe off the gunk that was all over her Elijah. "Pass some of those leaves over there." She paused to make a puppy dog face. "Pwease? The ones I'm trying to use are already... gross... and wet!" Nicole picked up a bunch of leaves and handed them to her. "Thanks," Vanessa said sarcastically imitating Nicole’s earlier tone. Nicole was the one who questioned her now.

"What did I do now?" she asked as she helped steady Vanessa once she was satisfied with how her Elijah looked.

"I know how to get back home!" Vanessa suddenly blurted out. Nicole looked at her friend with a "what-the-hell?-we-can’t-get-out-of-here-without-walking-look". While Vanessa told her friend the plan, Nicole’s face changed to one of wonder.

"Ok let’s try it... although I doubt it will work."

"Nicole, you have to think happy thoughts! Happy thoughts should lift you into the air."


"Whatever!" Vanessa mocked her friend again. "On the count of...one-" she was interrupted by a familiar voice crying out in pain.


"It’s my boy... my poor boy!" Nicole started to walk over to the cry, but Vanessa stopped her.

"Nuh-uh! Sorry honey, he's mine... you can have that Obi-Wan guy!" Nicole pondered for a moment.

"Ok... he is hot you know!"

"Ooooook... Now let me try that again. One-"

Once more, she was interrupted by the same cry only louder.


"Vanessa... I think it’s your turn to be scared for your 'preciousssssss'!"

"Why thank you, " she said politely then turned in the direction of the shouts. "It's my boy... my boy!"

The two girls skipped back arm-and-arm to the two actor guys. Obi-wan was trying to help teenager Skywalker. However, there was a large group of strange looking… "people" gathered around them.


Chapter One and Two Icons:
Curtesy of irisconlon at iris_cons

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Posted by: candy_roselyn (candy_roselyn)
Posted at: May 13th, 2006 11:39 pm (UTC)

"Nicole, you have to think happy thoughts! Happy thoughts should lift you into the air."

*thinks happy thoughts* .........?!............
*thinks again*..........?!?!..........
*thinks of Mush in a speedo*
*flies away*


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